About Event

The Blockchain Africa Conference, From Hype to Mainstream, is Bitcoin Events annual conference and will put a spotlight on blockchain's continued transformation from hype to mainstream. A roster of over 50 high-profile speakers will take the stage to explore how collective sentiment about blockchain technology continues to rise, particularly as tech and payment giants such as PayPal, Square and Facebook make significant investments in the space. Since 2015, Bitcoin Events annual Blockchain Africa Conferences have been the first of their kind on the African continent. With massive challenges relating to processing transactions and doing business in many regions of Africa, blockchain technology is expected to provide a simpler, more efficient way of facilitating the next generation of payment infrastructure across the region. The event will be hosted online for the first time due to the global uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

About Company

Bitcoin Events based in South Africa, is the first events company to host world-class bitcoin and blockchain conferences in Africa since 2015. Bitcoin Events are the hosts of the annual Blockchain Africa Conference and Crypto Fest hosted in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The conferences attract international experts and thought leaders in the blockchain arena who share their insights around blockchain technology’s opportunities and challenges, as well as the latest trends seen around the world. The conferences provide a platform for attendees to network with like-minded individuals and learn about some of the most interesting blockchain and cryptocurrency use cases.